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April Miranda

Your guide to your restorative practice

April Miranda loves exploring the physical and spiritual world. She loves to playfully go on new adventures and hopes to empower, inspire, and energize those who cross her path. Living by the motto “Be the Light. Share your Light,” April aspires to inspire others to connect to their FLOW within, and GLOW from the inside out! 

Growing up as a competitive dancer, April  chose to complete her Kinesiology degree at The University of Calgary majoring in Pedagogy. After moving to Toronto, Ontario she continued to learn and grow by completing the Teacher Training at the Ahimsa Yoga Centre. April's classes combine the art of movement, the science of human anatomy, while staying true to the integrity of sacred yoga traditions, with a playful touch! 

Personally feeling the tangible benefits of Reiki, April Miranda felt the call to train and receive the First Degree Reiki attunement with Tasha Rooke through Usui Shiki Ryoko. Months after, it just felt right to complete the Second Degree and Master Degree Reiki attunement.

April intends to joyfully share her love of yoga, meditation, Reiki, skincare education and inspire others to live happy, healthy lives full of growth, balance and fun! Come play!