Find the Yoga Warrior in You

Whether you begin Ashtanga yoga, the original Vinyasa flow, early in life or after 40,

I can show you how to find the yoga warrior within.  


I teach to all levels and ages, but my mission is to bring Ashtanga yoga to men and women over 40 who are physically able to be active.  I love to teach beginners

and I am inspired by people looking to change old habits and

improve their health through a more active life.

One Asana at a Time

You will learn to align the body in a specific way that brings about better health and mental strength. I offer a fun and supportive environment to learn the mechanics of each posture (also known as asanas).  I also modify postures to break asanas down for beginners or build them up for more advanced students.


Let me show you how to reach the yoga warrior in you. 

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