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Mobility For The Ages

Anti-Aging health benefits of yoga that will make you want to start practicing NOW!

It is never too early to work on your flexibility! Flexibility is the ability of your joints to move freely in a wide range of motion

Flexibility can deteriorate, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle. A lack of flexibility makes normal daily activities more difficult to do, leading to reduced mobility over time. Stretching our muscles regularly will help avoid loss of mobility.

Improved flexibility can reduce the incidence of low back pain. In addition, a flexible muscle is much more efficient at absorbing shock, reducing the stress on our joints from high impact activities like brisk walking or running. And the injury risk, in general, lowers with increased flexibility.

Yoga can help! Much of yoga is based on the opposition of strength and stretch. Postures such as forward folds, standing or sitting, Warrior 1 & 2 not only strengthens but stretches as well.

See you on the mat!

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