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Yoga and Strength - The Perfect Combination

Combining Yoga and Strength Training may give you the best of both worlds!

As we age the benefits of yoga and strength training make a great combination.

Both help us with our strength, but sometimes weights can help us further our practice.

While yoga helps us stay flexible and mobile, strength training can make us more stable and help with osteoporosis and maintaining our metabolism as we age!

What are the benefits of doing both?

Strength and Flexibility - yoga is great for building natural strength. As we age without strength training we lose muscle mass. This affects things like bones and slows our metabolism.

It is the opposition of aggression and relaxation. Strength training is not a relaxing workout, so balance it with the relaxation component of yoga.

Explosiveness vs endurance. Strength training helps you develop power and speed. Yoga helps you build endurance.

Yoga is a workout for the mind, body and soul.Strength training will help to increase your bone density, which is essential as you age. . .osteoporosis!

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