For my 50th birthday I gave myself the gift of Yoga Teacher Training, based on the original vinyasa flow - Ashtanga. I am a certified 200 hour yoga teacher with 250 hours of Ashtanga-based yoga training.  With almost 400 hours completed of my 500 hour training I am able to include both restorative and hands on therapeutics in my teaching. Some time ago I noticed there are few teachers over 40 who understand physical aging and the body at mid-life.


In my youth I was a dancer, but as time went on it became increasingly difficult to maintain the physicality required.   I needed a new challenge. Twenty years ago, I came upon Ashtanga yoga and immediately fell in love. It challenged me physically and mentally.  


After all these years, I still love Ashtanga and continue to grow in my practice with teachers such as Marla Meenakshi Joy and Ron Reid at Downward Dog, Maty Ezraty, Doug Swenson and Chuck Miller.


Whether you begin your Ashtanga yoga journey early in your

20s or after 40, I believe you can successfully practice

Ashtanga throughout your lifetime.



Ashtanga yoga, known as the original Vinyasa flow,  is a powerful healing practice that can benefit yogis of all shapes, sizes, ages, experience and levels of fitness.


Ashtanga follows a specific sequence of postures known

as asanas.  This active practice links breath, known as pranayama, with movement known as vinyasa. One

asana at a time, you will  build strength, increase flexibility and improve your cardio.


On your Ashtanga journey all comes

with patience and practice.


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